Things you need to know about Computer based IELTS

Everything You need to know about the new Computer Based IELTS

Computer Based IELTS is now here and is certainly a welcome move from the test taker and we are sure that the test will be much appreciated by the IELTS test takers across the globe.

This article explains everything you need to know about the new Computer Based IELTS format and will act as a guide for all future test takers.

The IELTS has always been a paper-based for the past 30+ years and has been one of the most widely accepted English Language tests across the globe, however keeping the current trends in mind the test makers have (rightly) decided to offer another mode of the test i.e. Computer Based IELTS. Now, both Academic IELTS & General IELTS are available in both versions Paper or Computer.

For Starters the test sections have not changed which should be a big relief for all the current students who are preparing for the test, the 4 sections namely Listening, Writing, Reading & Speaking remain the same. The Speaking section will still with an individual invigilator and be face to face.

The Number of Questions, timing, format & scoring will all be the same in both Computer delivered IELTS & paper based IELTS.

The Key differences between the Paper Based IELTS and Computer based IELTS will be as follows:

Test Order

The IELTS CBT will have a fixed order starting with Listening, Reading & Writing.

Score Delivery

The Score will now be released faster and be delivered in 5-7 days.

In the Paper based IELTS test takers are given 10 minutes of extra time in the listening section, the Computer based test will not have this extra time, however he/she can check the answers within & between the sections to check the answers.

Testing Environment

All CBT Test takers are given a computer booth or cubicle with a headset.

So, how does the Computer based IELTS work:

Once you finish the formalities of verification at the centre you are allocated a Cubicle like below and will be given a headset.

The Screen will have the “Start Test” button and once you click on the start button your test will start with the listening section.

The Screen will look similar to this:

Once You Start the test your test begins and the screen will look like this:

There would also be a Clock at the top of the screen which will display time and will turn red & flashes when you have 10 & 5 Minutes left.

The Navigation Button (Arrow Mark) is used to move around the section. You can also click on a specific number to reach that question. If you are unsure of the answer you can use the Review Button and come back later.

Advantages of the Computer Based IELTS

  1. Faster Results.
  2. Typing instead of writing, a big boon for those with bad handwriting & those who have lost practice writing, since most of us are more comfortable with typing.
  3. Headsets can be worn to avoid distraction.
  4. Can Edit / re-type / re-write the answers
  5. Option to Review

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