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Helpful GMAT prep articles

  • Boldface questions : How to solve them like a pro!
    The Boldface questions on GMAT and GRE are well known for bringing down even the cleverest test takers and are infamous for being notoriously complex. The predominant reason for their perceived difficulty is that the details in the answer options…
  • 5 Reasons why you aren’t able to prepare for the GMAT
    Why do you always feel that you are not able to keep going when you sit down to prepare for the GMAT ? The quick answer? What you need is structure. Well that seems obvious, but let’s dig a little…
  • Time Speed Distance Questions on Quant
    We all know that speed is distance travelled by time taken. The problems of speed usually involves something or someone moving at a constant or average speed, and out of the three quantities (speed/distance/time), we are required to find out…
  • Backsolving: Quantitative Reasoning Strategy
    Backsolving is a strategic approach to solve quantitative reasoning questions that are composed of numerical value answer options (and not variables). This is a particularly useful strategy since many such questions on GMAT, GRE and SAT arrange these answer options…
  • Plugging in: GRE and GMAT Quant strategy
    Plugging in values when there are unknowns in the questions or the answer options is a fairly straightforward strategy that can help you navigate high-complexity questions on the GRE and GMAT Quant sections. Especially those that can send you into…
  • Get un-stuck from a GMAT 600 score
    Though a GMAT 600 is not by any means a paltry achievement (a 650, for instance, is a 77 percentile), most want the magical 700+ GMAT score to help them stand-out in the application pool. There are three possible scenarios…
  • 5 Grammar Rules that every test taker must know
    Exams such as the GMAT, SAT and CAT can be quite tricky in the way they test English Grammar Rules in their Verbal Ability Sections. The fact is that some English grammar rules can be un-intuitive and misused frequently by…
  • Writing a strong AWA Argument Essay
    The AWA argument essay is a mandatory component of both the GMAT and GRE exams. The AWA argument essay is not necessarily considered a selection criteria for admission; yet, a low score can negatively affect your chances of getting into…
  • 5 Ways to improve accuracy in Quant Sections
    Most of us perceive that the quant sections in SAT, GMAT or GRE are simple. Yet, not many achieve a high level of accuracy in quant sections of these tests. Even-though these tests evaluate you on basic concepts of mathematics…

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