TOEFL is a computer based English language proficiency test designed by the ETS, which also designs the GRE .  The test assesses real-life, academic English. This means that you will hear excerpts from lectures and charts. On the TOEFL you will hear a range of accents, from American to non-native speakers. The TOEFL is scored from 0-120; any score above a 90 is considered a good score.

Help me get a 100+ on the TOEFL

    Plus Prep TOEFL Program

    Our TOEFL Program with Score Improvement Guarantee Comprises of
    • Official Study materials
    • 40 Hrs of classroom training
    • 1-1 Doubt clearing sessions..
    • Extra sessions if its required as per your need.
    • 14 Mock tests
    • 40+ Section wise tests
    • 30 hours of refresher videos
    • Hundreds of simulated practice questions
    • App for anywhere learning
    • Score Improvement Guarantee*
    • 1 Year course validity.

    Why Study with Plusprep?

    1. Our trainers are some of the best in the industry with 8+ years of teaching experience each (That’s about 10,000 teaching hours each!).
    2. Our trainers have 99%ile scores (or comparable band scores) in their respective specializations.
    3. Our trainers go through rigorous classroom management and delivery training to ensure highest quality in student interaction, mentoring and content knowledge.
    4. Our batches are no more than 10 students large to ensure high levels of student-teacher interaction
    5. All our content is based on official resources, so there is no double guessing on your part on whether the questions you are working on will be reflective of actual test day.
    6. Each student is provided a tailor-made study plan; progress is assessed continually until day of the test with feedback and additional support provided pro-actively at every step of your preparation.

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