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The Plusprep Advanced GRE Vocabulary course covers over 400 high-impact advanced level English words. The course is designed to make learning words interesting and impactful through themes, root words, connotations and contexts of use. Additionally, the section-wise puzzles and concept-drills help you better apply the words you’ve learned and correct any misconceptions.

Who can benefit from the Advanced GRE Vocabulary course

Though this course was primarily designed to help students master GRE vocabulary, it is also appropriate for aspirants of GMAT, SAT, CAT, XAT, Bank PO exam etc… The course will gear you to face even the most challenging vocabulary based questions tested on such competitive exams.

This course is also appropriate for individuals who have a passion for words and want to expand their English vocabulary for use in academic, professional or social settings.

Contents of the Course

I. Over 300 High value words discussed through Etymology (root words).

II. Over 150 High frequency words discussed through word-families and themes.

III. Chapter-wise concept drills and quizzes to ensure that you have understood the words accurately and can recall them effectively from memory.

Sample lessons

Explore a couple of lessons from the GRE Vocabulary Course to experience first-hand how Learning advanced English words can be fun, engaging and contextually meaningful.

Learn through Word Root “-archy” meaning ‘rule by’.

In this lesson, explore the Etymology of words such as ‘anarchy’ and ‘oligarchy’ through the word root ‘-archy’ meaning ‘ruled by’.

Learn through word theme ‘Greek and Roman Mythology’.

In this lesson, explore words that are thematically connected : “Greek and Roman Mythology”.

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