Is it possible to prepare for the GRE in one day?

Prepare for GRE in one day? “How Absurd!”, you hear your friends tell you.

And they may not be wrong: the GRE takes at least a month of diligent preparation for most students. This means they practice, prepare and receive mentorship for over a month to scale up to respectable score levels.

prepare for GRE in one day
How to : prepare for GRE in one day

Yet, if you are insistent on preparing for the GRE in just one day, then here is the best way to go about doing it…

Headless Chicken mode Activated!

You are going to have a very intense “one day”!

One of the most important things needed to do well on the GRE test date is knowing what to expect during the test: This means, you know exactly the kind of questions you are going to see, what is the test scoring mechanism and what strategy you need to employ to maximise your score.

1. Take a free mini assessment to gauge where you stand right now:

2. Watch this strategy Video

3. Learn Strategies through this webinar

Watch this (long) webinar where I discuss how to handle challenging situations on the GRE (eg: How to build vocabulary the right way).

4. Enrol for the : Plusprep Advanced GRE Vocabulary Course ( Free )

This is a video based course that discusses over 400 high-frequency (advanced) GRE words. It teaches these words through etymology and word families, so learning and using them in context will be a breeze.

5. Take a full length mock test

To get a handle (and experience) on the full length testing experience: GRE POWERPREP Practice Tests

6. Prepare for the AWA tasks

Use the free Essay builder tools by Plusprep to learn how to write perfect essay without much effort.

a. AWA Argument essay builder

b. AWA Issue essay builder

Good job!

Do these things and you’ll be as ready as you’re ever going to be with just one day’s worth of GRE preparation!

Feeling less adventurous?

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