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Learn new words: 5 idioms you can use at work!

Did you know that the best way to learn new words is to use them in every day contexts?
This works only if you use it correctly of course! 😉

If you are preparing for the GRE, IELTS or any of the other similar competitive exams, then chances are that you most likely will have to build vocabulary and FAST!

To learn new words can be fun when done contextually. This video should serve as a quick sample of what we’re taking about!
Stay tuned for more just like this, and happy vocabulary building.

Some of the expressions you’ll come across in this video are

  1. see eye to eye
  2. feel under the weather
  3. once in a blue moon
  4. have a lot on my plate
  5. a win-win situation

Find out what these work-place idiomatic expressions mean. Stay tuned for more such articles that will help you build your word power for your exam preparation needs! 

Learn 5 new words that you can use in the workplace


We at Plusprep are word-builder geeks, we use games, root-word building, puzzles and contextual associations to make vocabulary building fun, interesting and highly impactful. If you need help with vocabulary or the verbal section specifically for any of the competitive tests, get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to guide you on what steps you need to take to achieve your dream scores! 

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