GRE Words through etymology

GRE words through Etymology: Time

One of the biggest challenges that you may face during prep is building GRE vocabulary. These are high complexity GRE words that refer to abstract concepts. Learning them, therefore is quite challenging if not done right. As a rule of thumb GRE words must be build contextually and in a way that ensures that you…

5 must know grammar rule | Plusprep

5 Grammar Rules that every test taker must know

Exams such as the GMAT, SAT and CAT can be quite tricky in the way they test English Grammar Rules in their Verbal Ability Sections. The fact is that some English grammar rules can be un-intuitive and misused frequently by even proficient users of the language. Tests such as the GMAT and SAT quite cleverly…

Increase motivation to learn

How to increase your motivation to learn

One of the biggest reasons people decide to stop preparing for a test or examination is they lose their motivation to learn and that they stop finding the learning experience enjoyable. To make learning enjoyable, it definitely helps if motivation is more intrinsic (curiosity, search for solutions to a problem etc..) than extrinsic (career growth, bonus,…

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