how to solve boldface questions

Boldface questions : How to solve them like a pro!

The Boldface questions on GMAT and GRE are well known for bringing down even the cleverest test takers and are infamous for being notoriously complex. The predominant reason for their perceived difficulty is that the details in the answer options are worded in a very “unfriendly” way. Being able to read the data efficiently and…

How to get a perfect GRE Quant score

How to get a perfect score in GRE quant [Complete Strategy Guide]

A perfect score in GRE quant (or a 167+) is quite difficult to achieve even if you are currently scoring in the 160 to 165 levels. This is because concept knowledge and practice alone isn’t enough to reach the upper echelons of the GRE quant scores. What you need is a lot of strategic insights…

backsolving: quant strategy

Backsolving: Quantitative Reasoning Strategy

Backsolving is a strategic approach to solve quantitative reasoning questions that are composed of numerical value answer options (and not variables). This is a particularly useful strategy since many such questions on GMAT, GRE and SAT arrange these answer options in ascending or descending order, As a result, the number of tries needed to get…

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