The WHY’s in the Statement of Purpose

Why's of Statement of Purpose

The WHY’s in the Statement of Purpose

As we all know the Statement of Purpose – SOP is a critical piece of the puzzle for a graduate school application and can make a huge difference between getting an admit or reject from your favored Master’s program, while there are many different aspects to keep in mind while drafting the SOP one key element that needs to be addressed strongly to ensure a strong SOP is the Question of WHY’s?, a winning SOP can be drafted if this question is well answered.

So, what are these Why’s and how to present them?

The 4 critical questions are:

  • Why this university?

Here the reasons to apply for the university would be addressed which includes program, research work being conducted, professors, location & any other factor that makes the university your choice. It is important to be specific & not rely on generic templates, a lot of research on the university will help to understand the offering and answer this question.

  • Why this Specialization?

Master’s degree’s will give you an opportunity to specialize in an area of your choice & being specific about your interests & aligning it with your profile makes the application stronger. While it’s not necessary for you to be an expert in the area of choice but it’s necessary that you have the basics in place & speak about your urge to develop a stronger understanding of the subject through the degree.

  • Why You?

This section is yours to brag! Without going overboard, the why you is essentially your space to talk about your achievements, grades, projects, research conducted & most importantly what will you add to your class. Do keep in mind universities don’t just look at your score card but also would prefer a well-rounded individual who can also contribute to the class.

  • Why Now?

Different students apply at different stages of their life for a Master’s degree, some opt for it right after college while some prefer to apply after a few years of work-ex, irrespective of which category you belong to it is important you convey why you decide to apply for the program now and how will it assist you in your goals.

Ensuring these 4 Why’s are well articulated will certainly make your SOP stand out and makes your application stronger.

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