How to score an 8+ Band in IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking tips, ace the speaking section & score an 8+:

How do I maximize my speaking sections scores on the IELTS, as a non-native speaker? If this is a question on your mind, you’ve reached the right place to get your answers, the below strategies are well tested and have proven effective to many of our students, read on and try to implement these simple tips to get a high score on your speaking section of IELTS.

Tip 1: – Posture & Voice:

It is essential that you remain confident and calm throughout the interview and your voice plays an
important role in ensuring you are clear and audible, if you sit upright and not slouch you will see the
difference in your voice clarity as well as your confidence.

Tip 2: – Rate of Speech:

It is well known that most Indian languages have a higher rate of speech and more often than not we
tend to speak in the tempo while conversing in English which makes it sound non-native, it is
important that the rate of speech is well modulated and slowed down, this can be achieved if there’s
stress on right words and observe deliberate pauses where necessary.

Tip 3: – Understand the Test:

As a test taker you should be well aware of the test and know what is expected, including the
duration of the test, types of questions and format. Don’t be surprised that many test takers score
low on IELTS by not knowing the format entirely.

Tip 4: – Answer the Question!:

It is easy to get carried away and speak in tangents which will drastically reduce your scores, it is a
key area of scoring and the best strategy is to be clear & crisp.

Tip 5: – Listen:

Speaking section on IELTS is not just a test of how well you speak it is also a test of how well you can
communicate & if you keep asking the interviewer to repeat / skip the key aspects of the questions
you will lose points, so put your ears to good use & listen!.

Tip 6:- Why Questions?

Practice questions with Why? Most follow-up questions tend to be around “Why” and being good at
this will automatically increase your IELTS speaking band scores.

Tip 7: – Use Phrases:

Practice using phrases in your conversation, adding phrases in your answers will show you are able
to construct complex sentences and build a conversation.

Tip 8:- Avoid answering in one word:

Saying just a Yes / No is not an answer, always answer in full sentences and complete the sentence.

Tip 9:- Give Examples:

Adding examples to your answers will indicate you are proficient and will also show you are not just
memorizing a script, this will also keep the conversation lively.

Tip 10:- Take time:

Do not jump to an answer and get stuck mid-way, it is perfectly alright to take a second or two to
respond or to use sentences to convey you are thinking, such as “that’s a good question…”,
“Interesting question, let me think about it.” etc…, do note this should be used very cautiously and
not for every question.
We hope these 10 quick tips can help you get a higher band on your IELTS Speaking section, you can
also get in touch with us for a free demo here: IELTS

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